Do You Understand A Few Slot Slangs Used in Slot Games in Thailand?

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned slot machine player, the rapid and explosive proliferation of slot machine jargon like PGslot เครดิตฟรี in the recent years means that there is something always new to learn. 

Slots, like bingo, have their own lingo, and with our help, you may get one step ahead to speaking it fluently. You will never feel like a stranger at the casino next time again with this comprehensive new slot vocabulary. Get ready to surprise your pals with the slot machine jargon.

  • Action

In any online slot, ‘action’ will mean the machine time, which a player has accumulated after playing on any slot machine. All casinos keep track of every action of the player and remain stored on the card of the club.

  • All Ways

Any online slot, which has many possible pay-lines, both may be running from left-to-right and also right-to-left.

  • Annuity winner

This term is used when the winner will be offered his prize won by the jackpot over time to evade any taxes that may accrue on that big prize money in case it is collected in a single game.

  • Autospin

This is a feature that will enable plays to set automatically the spin number within a game.

  • Basic Slot

This is about a certain slot machine that will come with a single pay line only. As long as this slot machine will stay, the jackpot amount also will stay the same.

  • Bet Max

This button on your slot machine will allow any player to participate for the maximum credits/bets that will get allowed for every sign on your slots.

  • Bet One

On the contrary, this term is the single number of credit-bets, which a player will bet on the slot.

  • Candle

This slot machine slang is for the light that is at the game’s top. When change is needed, the player may push the ‘help’ or ‘service’ button that will flash one light to signal the operator.

  • Cashback

This is a certain reference to any rewards given to certain slots club players.

  • Comps

All slot club members are entitled to ‘comps’, which is a complimentary reward either as a meal, free accommodation, or other gifts offered for playing often.

  • Free Spin

An extra free spin is offered usually as a bonus feature that is available on any bonus on a certain slot machine.

  • Hit and Run

This refers to a certain player that will play any single pay-line slot by paying at maximum credit-bets for a few spins, and then moving on to some other machine if it does not pay any credits.

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