Terms to know about online slots

Slot games are easy to play. However, it would be helpful if you understand some commonly used terms in online casinos like superslot as follows.

Penny slots – If the slot machine requires a small amount as the bet or it has a small coin size, you can call it a penny slot. As the losses would be less in these games, penny slots are widely popular.

Random Number Generator – If you play in a physical casino, there will be a dealer to deal with the cards or you will hand the physical machine in a slot game. However, online casinos will not have anything physical. But you will get the numbers, cards, symbols, spinning slot machines, and everything virtually. There will be an algorithm present inside these websites that provides you these elements when you play the game. However, no one could predict what the machine would provide. Since the numbers are generated randomly, the algorithm has got the name of the random number generator.

Classic slots – In the initial times of slot games, there were only slot machines consisting of three reels. There would be ten to twelve characters printed on these slots and you would get the option to choose any one among them. After choosing the character, you can spin the reels. Once the reels stop rotating, you will notice three characters from each reel stay behind a horizontal pay line as it would be laying over them. If these characters match with what you guessed, you would win the game. Only one pay line would be there. These slots are known as classic slots. You could find classic slots only rarely in the current age.

Coin size – If you play a Poker game, you should place your bet in the form of cash in the betting pot. Likewise, there would be a requirement of a bet amount for slot games also. However, you should buy some coins for your cash and put these coins as your bet through the slots available. Although you would do everything virtually, it is the basic formality in slot games. So, the number of coins necessary to be eligible to play a slot game is called coin size.

Slot theme – You may notice that some slot games are representing something from the outside world. For instance, the reels may have the characters from a single movie with all the animations and background music representing the same movie. If so, the slot game is themed based on that movie. Likewise, slots will have several themes. Some of these themes would be horror, adventure, vintage, historical, and many more. Since the attraction of a particular group of players who love these themes would be easy, casinos are using these themes on their slot games.

Fixed jackpot – You may get to play a lot of slot games where the winning amount would be the same and would not change during the course of the game. Such a constant prize amount is known as a fixed jackpot.

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