What Will it Take for a Phone to Conquer the Market in 2021?

Each year sees innumerable new phones make their way onto our shelves, and the clamour for victory is never easy as tech grows more and more advanced, and enables us to do more with greater efficiency and speed.

2020 has seen some incredible advancements in tech, and these developments hold a direct influence over the ways in which mobile manufacturers need to adapt their approach. So, what will it take for a phone to stand out from the others, and ensure that they see a significant bite of the mobile market in the new year? Read more below.

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A Focus on Gaming

Gaming has always been a staple for the vast majority of phone users, and its centrality is growing more significant than ever through consistent improvement on all sides. In one camp, the new wave of mobile casinos USA ensures that more and more players are embracing the seminal genre on-the-go – while, in the other, the newest and most popular Triple-A developments are moving in on the mobile market by means of the latest cloud gaming services.

By ensuring that the internal features are able to withstand a greater toll as gaming grows more complex, phone manufacturers can ensure that they stay ahead of market behaviours and lead the way through 2021.

5G Readiness

5G has been long-anticipated by millions across the world. Its promise of ushering in a new and much-improved network to which we can connect whenever we leave our homes has been floating around for many years now, and 2020 saw significant progress in rolling it out to major cities around the globe.

Even though its scope is currently limited, and only a small few have had the opportunity to try it for themselves, it is incredibly unlikely that a device will be able to steal the limelight if it does not prepare its users to step into the new world of the fifth generation network as soon as the opportunity arrives on their doorstep.

Something New

While not all of us – and maybe not even the majority – are currently clamouring to invest just shy of $2,000 into a new folding phone just yet, this year has seen plenty of innovation with regards to the standard design of the smartphone itself.

While previous years may have focused on augmenting the internal hardware and ensuring that our phones are consistently improving in their ability to support every area of our lives with ease, the time has come for significant and visible change. There is, after all, only so much change we can notice before the tech companies are merely finetuning what is already there, which is perhaps why the emphasis is now falling on the look and feel of the devices themselves.

So, whether it folds or boasts and impressive wing for additional features, we can anticipate that the best of the best will bring something very new to the table.

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